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The Curse of Moving

The Ability to Adapt



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Nova Is My Constant

The Ability to Adapt

“You wanna know what got me into this business, Flyer? Of course you don’t, but the question was meantto be rhetorical.

FADE: The scene opened up with “The Blue-Eyed Badass” Sean Stevens, standing in front of a punching bag, drenched in sweat, his hair tied back into a casual pony-tail, in a sleeveless grey tee and gym shorts.

“My ego got me into this business. My confidence got me into this business. My unwillingness to take the naysayer’s prophecies for my career as gospel. They said I was too small, too weak, and that my style of wrestling would have me paralyzed in two years tops. That was twelve years ago.

“You want to know what kept me in this business, Flyer?

“Again, rhetorical.

“My ability to shift gears, my loyalty to my friends, and my ability to look past my own selfish wants and needs for the sake of others. I’m probably the most well rounded wrestler on the planet. Most people don’t get to see that side, because it’s more fun calling me the same name that every other person in your position calls me, but truthfully? I’m not sure I care enough to show them that side of me anyway.”

He threw a couple of vicious hooks that swung the punching bag in the opposite direction.

“I say all of this to say, despite all of the sh_t I talked in Columbia, I know why I’m here. And, no … it’s not to beat Hornet up anymore than I have. And, it’s most certainly not to have any issues with you. I’m here because the woman that I love and the soon-to-be mother of my child is too stubborn to work from a laptop at home. I’m here because there’s somebody out there who has a disdain for the CSWA – so much so that they’re risking the health and life of our wrestlers by interrupting our shows, causing pyro to blast at times and places where it’s not supposed to, and shutting off the lights mid-match like they did in my match against Paul at Showtime. I’m here because I was here FOR the CSWA when the GXW tried to invade us and run the company to the ground.”

Trip paused, smirking arrogantly, as he turned to face the camera.

“Shout out to my boy Dan Ryan, by the way.

“I’m here because I was here FOR the CSWA when GUNS and the Intruders were obsessed with tearing the CSWA down “brick-by-brick.”

Again, Trip faced the camera, and winked.

“Hey, Craig.”

“… and, most importantly, I’m here because the people that I associate myself with are shining examples of what CSWA wrestlers are, so much so, that I’d even be willing to say that they ARE the CSWA.

“Therefore, I love the CSWA.

“You, Flyer? You’re a footnote. A minor detail. I seriously doubt that you’ll beat me, but if you can, that’ll only be a small detail in the big picture. It’s not my goal to go out there and try to hurt you, so I have a bit of advice for you. You need to be safe out there, you need to expect that anything and everything can happen, and if it doesn’t? You need to watch out for a lightning quick superkick that tends to come out of nowhere, has the potential to break your jaw, and has literally made my career.

“Don’t ever worry about me showing up to an event. I’ll be there, focused and ready.

“I have yet to let the CSWA down once.”